AHCCCS ARP Program Awards for Providers

Round 2 Application Process Closes Jan. 17

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The second round of the AHCCCS ARP Program Awards is now open until January 17, 2024 at 5 p.m. Round 2 includes $47.5 million in funding for infrastructure and programmatic projects.

Interested HCBS providers should apply by 5:00 p.m. on January 17, 2024 using GrantsConnect, the online application platform. Organizations can submit up to two applications for distinct projects. You cannot make any changes to your applications after you submit them.Eligible organizations can request up to $1,000,000 per application.

Organizations that applied for Round 1 are encouraged to apply again for Round 2, whether their Round 1 application was awarded or denied. All applicants will need to submit a new application for Round 2.

If you were awarded funding during Round 1, you must submit a new project for Round 2. A new project could be an entirely unrelated project, or replicating your existing project for a new facility location or for new members.

If your project was denied in Round 1, you must update your project to better align with the goals and guidelines of the award program.

Important Updates for Round 2

The following things have changed for Round 2:

  • Additional Funding Available: AHCCCS can award up to $47.5 million in project funding for Round 2
  • Increased Award Cap: Organizations can request up to $1,000,000 per project,
  • Submit Multiple Applications: Organizations can submit up to 2 applications. These applications must be for distinct and unrelated projects. Organizations can receive at most two awards across both rounds, and
  • New Eligible Activity: In addition to the eligible activities from Round 1, organizations can apply for funding to support family caregivers.

Program Overview

AHCCCS is investing funds from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) into an award program to strengthen Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) in the state. You can find more information on the ARP and Arizona’s spending plans on the AHCCCS ARP Allocations web page.

The ARP Program Awards are intended to enhance the health, safety, and member experience for individuals who receive HCBS. AHCCCS members who can directly benefit include Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) and non-ALTCS members like:

  • Individuals who are elderly,
  • Individuals with disabilities,
  • Individuals living with a Serious Mental Illness (SMI) designation, and
  • Children with behavioral health needs.

Eligible HCBS providers can request between $10,000 and $1,000,000 for programmatic or infrastructure projects.

Eligible Providers

The following providers of HCBS in Arizona are eligible to apply:

  • Behavioral Health Outpatient Clinics (Provider Type 77),
  • Attendant Care (Provider Type 40),
  • Integrated Clinics (Provider Type IC),
  • Assisted Living Centers (Provider Type 49),
  • Assisted Living Homes (Provider Type 36),
  • Habilitation Providers (Provider Type 39),
  • Community Service Agencies (Provider Type A3),
  • Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (Provider Type BC),
  • Adult Foster Care (Provider Type 50),
  • Home Delivered Meals (Provider Type 70),
  • Adult Day Health (Provider Type 27),
  • Elderly and Physical Disability (EPD) HCBS (Provider Type 81), and
  • Area Agencies on Aging.

Applying Again in Round 2

Organizations that applied during Round 1 are encouraged to apply again during Round 2. That includes providers who received awards and providers whose projects were denied funding.

If you received funding during Round 1, you must submit a new project if you apply for Round 2. A new project could be an entirely unrelated project, or replicating your existing project for a new facility location or for new members. You should explain clearly in your application why your proposal for Round 2 should be considered a new project if it resembles the scope of the Round 1 awarded project.

If you were denied funding in Round 1, you may update and resubmit your updated application during Round 2, or you may also apply for a new project.

Eligible Activities

Funding may be used for any activities that improve the member experience, health, or safety of HCBS recipients in Arizona. The following goals are a particular priority:

  • Increase engagement in community activities,
  • Expand supportive employment and employment skills development including volunteerism,
  • Support member voice and their choice to lead self-directed lives,
  • Expand opportunities for social engagement and relationship building,
  • Support recreation and health promotion programs that promote physical activity and nutrition,
  • Expand technology that improves connectivity and telehealth,
  • Create environmental/physical plant upgrades that promote health and safety,
  • Increase or build transportation capacity,
  • Provide support for family caregivers,
  • Provide access to assistive technology or service animals to support independence,
  • Enhance data systems and infrastructure that serve to streamline service delivery, promote access to care or supports care coordination efforts, and
  • Expand and enhance independent housing opportunities

Funding is available for either programmatic or infrastructure projects. Interested organizations may apply for up to two projects.

ARP HCBS Chart of Priority Projects

Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure projects are projects that support the purchase of or improvements to equipment, connectivity access, data systems, assistive technology, vehicles or physical plant modifications that will directly impact member experience, health, or safety.

Awards under infrastructure projects exclude the purchase of structures (e.g., homes, buildings, etc.).

Ineligible Activities

Award funds cannot be used for projects with on-going costs like internet fees or other long-term cost commitments unless the applicant can ensure the long-term sustainability of the award investment.

The program award funding may not supplant or replace existing state funds expended for Medicaid HCBS. Program award funding may be used to supplement, enhance, expand, or strengthen existing services.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can apply online using GrantsConnect. You can learn more about using GrantsConnect in the FAQ under Resources.

Questions and Technical Help

For questions about the program awards, or help with GrantsConnect, email AHCCCSARPAwardsHelp@pcgus.com.

Success Stories

During Round 1, 61 projects received a total of nearly $17 million in funding to strengthen Home and Community Based Services in every county in Arizona.

Read more about these successful projects!

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