AHCCCS Tribal Relations


The AHCCCS Tribal Relations Office assists the AHCCCS Administration in conducting government-to-government consultations with Tribal nations and tribal healthcare representatives including Indian Health Service (IHS), tribally operated (638) health facilities and urban Indian health facilities in assessing and addressing health related issues and policies that impact AHCCCS eligible American Indian and Alaska Natives. The Tribal Relations office serves in a public relations capacity, and provides tribal advisement, guidance and a tribal perspective to AHCCCS staff in regard to health policies, programs and procedures that may impact tribal members and tribal communities.

Tribal Relations Resources

AHCCCS Emergency Protocols

Under A.R.S. § 41-5202 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, AHCCCS has a process for communicating with its members during a state of emergency. AHCCCS has protocols in place to communicate with local state, county, city and tribal personnel, and additional protocols for notifications to members when they could be threatened by a state of emergency. It is AHCCCS’s priority that all members receive effective communication regardless of language of origin or ability.