NEMT Providers 

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NEMT Providers

NEMT Update and Implementation Plan:

NEMT Registered Providers:

  • This links to a complete list of registered NEMT Providers. The list is categorized by providers who have been issued a Tribal Business License by each Tribe. Please note: A provider could be listed multiple times if they were issued a Tribal Business License from more than one tribe. This list will be updated monthly and will include the most recent post date.
  • Tribal Business License list

NEMT Billing Instructions & Exhibits for FFS:

NEMT Billing Instructions & Exhibits for IHS:

NEMT Provider & Process Changes:

  • At this time AHCCCS is currently in the process of consultation with the Tribes to pursue the development of an ‘RFP’ for a Transportation Broker and as such AHCCCS is not expanding the Non-Emergency network at this time. AHCCCS will continue to post updated developments to the website regarding Non-emergency Transportation Providers.
  • Revised Provider Profile for NEMT Provider Type Effective April 1, 2014.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Provider Training:

  • Providers registering with AHCCCS as a non-emergency medical transportation provider (provider type 28) completing Provider Participation Agreement’s on or after 7/1/13 must complete the online training module and submit the training certificate in order for their applications to be processed.
  • Launch the training

AHCCCS Provider Registration:

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