Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) Referrals

Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) is an Arizona program that provides medical treatment to AHCCCS members with CRS-qualifying conditions. CRS members receive the same AHCCCS covered services as non-CRS AHCCCS members. Services are provided for the CRS condition and other medical and behavioral health services for most CRS members. CRS members are able to receive care in the community, or in multispecialty interdisciplinary clinics (MSICs). Refer to Arizona Administrative Code A.A.C. R9-22-1303 for a list of CRS-qualifying conditions.

A member cannot be enrolled in the CRS program unless AHCCCS eligibility is established. AHCCCS members under the age of twenty-one (21) are eligible for enrollment in the CRS Program when there is presence of a CRS- qualifying condition requiring active treatment.

CRS Application and Instructions

To refer a member to the CRS Program, fill out and mail or fax an application to the AHCCCS CRS Enrollment Unit, with medical documentation that supports that the applicant has a CRS-qualifying condition.

The application MUST be submitted with supporting medical documentation.

For Questions Regarding the CRS Program

  • Contact the AHCCCS CRS Enrollment Unit at: 602-417-4545 or 1-855-333-7828

Once approved for the CRS program, an applicant is enrolled with UnitedHealthcare Community Plan (UHCCP)/CRS. UHCCP/CRS is the AHCCCS health plan that will manage care for the CRS condition(s), and possibly the acute health and behavioral health services for members. There may be exceptions for some CRS enrolled members. For specific coverage types, click the link below.