Medicaid Enterprise System (MES) Modernization Program

The AHCCCS MES Modernization Program started in 2022 to enhance our understanding and optimize the utilization of healthcare access, services, and outcomes for our members. The goal of the Program is to bring innovation to business and technical operations that provide high quality healthcare to our communities. The work includes:

  • Replacing legacy applications and processes by implementing modern technology solutions
  • Implementing state-of-the-art systems and processes to improve business standards
  • Bringing a strong and sturdy foundation to business and technical assets
  • Improving data accessibility

Strategies & Benefits:

  1. State Assessment of existing systems and processes completed to select projects that address AHCCCS challenges and provide dynamic solutions for the organization. Please refer to the MES Modernization Roadmap.
  2. Data Migration to a cloud platform to ensure data sustainability and safety.
  3. Systems Integration to allow self-service for applicants, members, providers, MCOs and employees to improve responsiveness.
  4. Replacing legacy systems to ensure data platform stability and adaptability for future needs.
  5. Developing sustainable processes and systems that will continue into the future and allow AHCCCS to innovate as needed.