Adult Ambulatory Core Components and Milestones: Justice Area of Concentration

Below are the Core Components and Milestone documents for the Justice Area of Concentration. The documents provide a summary of due dates for Milestones, detailed descriptions of Core Components, and a list of resources to help you complete Milestones.

TI Program Year 6 Core Components and Milestones

TI Program Year 4 & 5 Core Components and Milestones

TIP Justice QIC Recording, March 16, 2021

TIP Justice QIC Recording, December 15, 2020

TI Justice Update Meeting Recording, September 10, 2020

Adult Ambulatory: Justice Core Components-Year 2 and 3

TI Justice Forum Presentation, July 30, 2018

Billing for Targeted Investments Justice Participants

TIP Justice Clinic Locations

Download TIP Justice Clinic Locations Map as PDF

TIP Justice Clinic Locations Map