The TI 2.0 application is available on AHCCCS Online. We encourage prospective participants to complete the checklist below in preparation.

  1. *Complete the Provider Interest Form,
  2. Review TI 2.0 eligibility criteria and prepare required documentation,
  3. Confirm that clinics under your organization’s TIN have an EHR system capable of bi-directional data exchange with the HIE (Contexture),
  4. **Confirm that you have an AHCCCS Online Account by checking access to the TI Portal, and
  5. Sign up for the Newsletter to be notified about important program updates.

*TI 2.0 Application Document Review must be requested by 9/15/2023 through the Provider Interest Form.

**The TI 2.0 Application Portal Closes on 10/20/2023.

EHR Requirement

Contexture recently announced that they will be adopting a new platform in 2025. The TI 2.0 Program applicants will be required to meet one of the following:

Go to AHCCCS Online to access the TI 2.0 Application Portal at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

One HIE Commitment letter is required per provider organization signed by the CEO or equivalent. It is only required if the organization is unable to provide a Scope of Work connecting the EHR system to the new HIE Platform. Download the HIE Commitment Letter template and upload the signed letter into the TI 2.0 Application Portal.

One letter is required for each clinic applying to the TIP 2.0 Justice Program. The letter must be signed by the provider CEO or equivalent AND the clinic’s justice partner(s). Download the TI 2.0 Justice Commitment Letter template and upload it into the TI 2.0 Application Portal.

One TI Authorized User Agreement Form is required per organization. The form must be signed by a CEO or project manager directly employed by the organization. The signatory is responsible for the accuracy of each attestation and serves as the primary point of contact for payment-related information and post-pay audits. Additional individuals privy to payment-related information can be added at the bottom of the form.

Review the TI 2.0 Application Portal Desk Aid for instructions on how to submit the TI 2.0 application through the AHCCCS Online website.


The TI 2.0 application portal will only be visible to individuals who have an AHCCCS Online account. Prior to beginning the application process, applicants need to confirm that they have an AHCCCS Online account with access to the TI Portal. TI Portal access must be granted by Master Account holders.