Quality Improvement Collaborative


The Targeted Investments Program Quality Improvement Collaborative (TIPQIC) is a collaboration between the AHCCCS Targeted Investments (TI) team and Arizona State University (ASU) with the goal of helping TI participating providers manage and improve their performance on incentivized measures. The ASU team established TIPQIC in 2019, and provided support to TI participating providers in Years 4-6 of the original Targeted Investments program (TI 1.0).

This collaboration will expand in TI 2.0. During Year 1 of TI 2.0 (Oct 2022 - Sept 2023), TIPQIC will provide application assistance to provider organizations interested in submitting an application. Providers who would like to apply for TI 2.0 and require assistance including document review must submit the provider interest form no later than 8/30/2023. Early submission of the provider interest form is highly encouraged.

Visit the TIPQIC website to learn about the resources and services available.


The quality improvement, data science, and clinical informatics experts at ASU support TI participants by:

Performance Measure Dashboard: https://data.tipqic.org/

Best Practice Audit Guides: https://tipqic.org/perfimp.html

Contact Info: TIPQIC@asu.edu