AHCCCS Fee-For-Service (FFS) Technical Assistance Documents

The FFS technical documents provided below are intended to to help registered AHCCCS providers use the AHCCCS Online website.

This document is intended as a reference for those responsible for uploading attachment files to support FFS claims to AHCCCS Division of Fee-For-Service Management (DFSM).

The Transaction Insight Portal has also been called the T.I. Portal, the Transaction Insight Web Upload Portal, the TIBCO Portal, The TIBCO Foresight Transaction Insight Portal, and the 275 Transaction Insight Portal.

The Transaction Insight Portal can be found at: https://tiwebprd.statemedicaid.us

Transaction Insight Portal Web Upload Attachment Guide

This training provides technical guidance for submitting a prior authorization through the AHCCCS Online Provider Portal. The training can also be found at: https://www.azahcccs.gov/Resources/Downloads/DFMSTraining/2018/PATrainingFinalrevised.pdf

AHCCCS Provider Training offers both in person and online training to Fee-For-Service (FFS) providers on how to submit claims, prior authorization requests, additional documentation (i.e. the AHCCCS Daily Trip report or requested medical records), etc. using the AHCCCS Online Provider Portal and the Transaction Insight Portal.

The AHCCCS Provider Training team also offers periodic trainings whenever there are significant changes in AHCCCS policy or to the AHCCCS billing manuals.

The Training Resources web page provides information on:

  • The DFSM Claims Clues Newsletter;
  • How to sign up for “Constant Contacts,” DFSM’s E-mail Notification System;
  • The DFSM Provider Training Schedule;
  • Access to Power Point Presentations for past trainings; and
  • Contact information for the Division’s Training Team.

The Training Resources web page can be found at: https://www.azahcccs.gov/ProviderTraining/DFSM_Training.html