AHCCCS Encounter Technical Documents

  • Encounter Manual
    The Encounter Manual is a reference guide for Contractors outlining how to submit and correct encounter data to AHCCCS.
  • 837 Encounter Companion Document
    The 837 Encounter Transaction Companion Document provides information related to electronic submission of 837 Encounter Transactions to AHCCCS by contractors. Three distinct encounter transaction formats are documented:
    • 837 Professional (837P)
    • 837 Dental (837D)
    • 837 Institutional (837I)
    For each of these formats, this document assists contractors in preparing an 837 file that meets the business rules of AHCCCS.
  • 277 Unsolicited Encounter Status Companion Document
    The 277 Unsolicited Encounter Status Transaction Document provides information about the 277 Health Care Payer Unsolicited Claim Status Transactions specific to AHCCCS and AHCCCS trading partners. AHCCCS uses the unsolicited version of the 277 Transaction to inform contractors of the statuses of encounters that have been adjudicated by AHCCCS. For this transaction, the document describes the data sent electronically to AHCCCS contractors in response to encounter submissions.
  • NCPDP Encounter Transaction Companion Document
    This document provides information related to electronic submission of NCPDP Pharmacy Encounter Transaction to AHCCCS by contractors. This document assists contractors in preparing an NCPDP PAH file that meets the business rules of AHCCCS. Contractors submitting a version other than the PAH should contact the Encounter Unit for additional information or assistance.
  • Encounter Data Validation Technical Document
    CMS requires AHCCCS to submit progress reports on the encounter data collection process. The effectiveness of AHCCCS's encounter collection actions are based on the results of encounter data validation studies. This document provides Contractors with the methodology and statistical formulae used in Encounter Data Validation.


Encounter Unit staff is available Monday through Friday (excluding State holidays)
to assist contractors in resolving encounter errors or to research specific encounter
issues. Questions regarding the validator or TI should be submitted to the AHCCCSTIEncounters@azahcccs.gov e-mail address. All other encounter questions, including those concerning mainfame, should be sent to the AHCCCSEncounters@azahcccs.gov e-mail address.