Direct Care Service Agencies 

Information for Direct Care Service Agencies

  • AHCCCS policy for direct care services
    Chapter 1200, Section 1240-A of the AHCCCS Medical Policy Manual outlines the service specifications for direct care services and requirements for direct care service agencies including training for their employees.
    • Direct care service agencies can decide whether or not to become an Approved Program or delegate the responsibility of training and testing DCWs to an Approved Program through a contractual agreement.

  • DCW Online Testing Records Database
    DCW Agencies are required to incorporate the online database into everyday business practices.
    • The primary purpose of the online database is to serve as a tool to support the portability or transferability of DCW or DCW Trainer testing records from one employer to another employer. A secondary purpose of the database is to support DCW Agencies in monitoring compliance with the AHCCCS DCW training and testing initiative.
    • To initiate use of the online database, visit the “Training” tab on the left-hand side of webpage. AHCCCS encourages DCW agency administrators to complete the computer-based training courses to support them in developing internal protocols to institute the online database into day-to-day business practices.

  • Fax Verification Form
    The testing records of a DCW or DCW Trainer are portable from one employer to another employer. Prior to the onset of the DCW Online Testing Records Database, employers of DCWs could use the Fax Verification Form to verify whether or not a DCW passed the competency tests.
    • During the transition to the online database, AHCCCS will permit the use of the Fax Verification Form in the event an employee’s testing history is not found in the testing records database.
    • The new employer of the DCW must fax the form to the former employer to verify the testing history and maintain a copy in the personnel file.
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