AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal

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  • A1: What is changing in the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Office?

    Currently, the Provider Enrollment process is paper-based, requiring new providers to register with AHCCCS by printing physical documents and mailing or faxing them to our office. Beginning on June 1st, 2020, AHCCCS will upgrade from the 100% manual process to a new, online, automated system called the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal (APEP).

  • A2: What is APEP?

    APEP, the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal (APEP), is an online, electronic portal that will streamline and expedite the provider enrollment process for new providers submitting initial applications. APEP is also for existing providers who need to update their profiles.

  • A3: Will the transition to APEP affect payments to providers?

    No, we do not anticipate delays in processing provider payments during the transition period.

  • A4: Who can access APEP?

    All providers or persons authorized on their behalf will be able to use APEP for their enrollment process needs.

  • A5: Does this new system apply to all providers?

    Yes, this system applies to all AHCCCS registered providers, regardless of provider type.

  • A6: Will providers receive training on the new APEP?

    To provide clear understanding of how APEP operates, Computer Based Training (CBT) courses, in-person and virtual training sessions are currently in development. AHCCCS will make these trainings available to the provider community prior to the implementation of APEP.

  • A7: Is there new data being collected within APEP?

    Yes, there are new required data elements in APEP. These include:

    • Home Address
    • Email Address(es)
    • Hours of Operation
    • Handicap Accessible
    • Languages Spoken
    • Taxonomy - A taxonomy number defines a provider’s area

  • A8: Will the paper-based application still be available for providers with limited access to the internet?

    The paper-base application will continue to be available for persons who don’t have access to the internet based portal. Keep in mind, utilization of APEP is highly recommended as it will generate the submitted request to AHCCCS in real time. Expect to see a revised Provider Enrollment application posted to the Provider/Plans AHCCCS website in mid-January 2020.

  • A9: Will existing providers be impacted during the conversion of data from the existing system to APEP?

    AHCCCS is working closely with the vendor to ensure measures are in place that will help prevent any impacts for existing providers. These measures will be in place prior to the converstion to APEP.

  • A10: What is the timeline for APEP launch?
    • The new, fully operational system will be available to providers June 1st, 2020.
    • State personnel will begin utilizing APEP on March 2nd, 2020.
    • During the data conversion process, AHCCCS will continue to accept any new or reactivation provider applications, or applications requesting a change to an existing provider through the current process (fax/mail).
    • Additional correspondence will be disseminated to providers communicating important dates and instructions for accessing the online provider enrollment portal.
  • A11: Will all provider types be expected to revalidate within APEP?

    Yes, AHCCCS currently has approximately 85,000 active providers. AHCCCS will generate notifications for all 85,000 active providers and will send these notifications to them directly, prior to their revalidation date. These notifications will be sent early enough to allow them sufficient time to complete the revalidation process within APEP.

  • A12: If I am an existing provider or a prospective provider, what do I need to do?

    To apply to become a new AHCCCS provider, to reactivate an application, or to make any updates to an existing provider profile, mail or fax the application form(s) currently available online to AHCCCS Provider Enrollment.

    AHCCCS will post updated APEP information on the Provider Update web page.

    Providers may also subscribe to AHCCCS newsletters and read past Claims Clues newsletters.