Project for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH)


The Arizona Heath Care Cost Containment System, Division of Health Care Management AHCCCS/DHCM) provides Project for Assistance to Transition from Homelessness (PATH) utilizing federal and state funding dollars to contractors who serve as a point of contact for food, clothing, water, blankets, shelter and other basic living skills individuals in order to reduce homelessness. PATH funding is critical in creating linkages with the behavioral health crisis system, providing assistance with enrollment into the behavioral health system, obtaining medical records, picture ID and social security cards. PATH funding also allows for affordable housing options and conducting outreach and in-reach to adults age 18 and over who are chronically homeless and have an SMI diagnosis.

PATH-eligible clients with the following services:

  • Outreach services (i.e. case management, peer support, housing services, individual living skills, etc)
  • Screening and diagnostic treatment (i.e. SMI determinations)
  • Habilitation and rehabilitation
  • Community mental health (i.e. create linkages with behavioral health system)
  • Substance use treatment
  • Referrals for primary healthcare, job training, educational services, and housing services, SOAR
  • Housing services as specified in Section 522(b)(10) of the Public Health Service Act