Arizona Project Aware


Is to build and maintain infrastructure for mental health services in Arizona schools for school-age children. Conduct outreach and engagement with school-aged youth and their families to increase awareness and identification of mental health issues and to promote positive mental health. Provide professional development and training to school personnel, SEA staff, community partners and other adults who interact with school-aged youth, to detect and respond to mental health issues. These three AWARE goals frame our work to address Arizona’s challenges to individual, family, and community mental health and wellness. Arizona has a high prevalence of mental illness paralleled with low access to mental health services (access ranking 32nd for adults and 47th for young people1), and lacks behavioral health and support staff at local education agencies to provide consistent and quality mental health outreach, detection, intervention, and referral services. While addressing these challenges, we also aim to draw from and build on considerable strengths and resources available at the state and local levels.


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