AHCCCS Technical Interface Guidelines (TIG)

Technical Environment

PMMIS - PMMIS is a fully integrated business support system developed almost entirely in CA-IDEAL, a fourth generation programming language, and CA-DATACOM, a relational mainframe database. The Financial subsystem, a purchased accounting package from Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B), is written in COBOL. The UR/QA subsystem is written in CA-IDEAL and COBOL II.

PMMIS Schedule - The PMMIS executes around the clock daily except for fifteen minutes at approximately 4:00 a.m. each day when the production CICS region is recycled, and up to fourteen hours per week when the Arizona Department of Administration Data Center (ADOA-DC) may schedule necessary system maintenance downtime (Friday midnight to 7:00 a.m. Saturday and Saturday midnight to 7:00 a.m. Sunday).

DOA-Data Center Communications Requirements - Any equipment required for data communications with the ADOA-DC shall adhere to the following ADOA-DC data communications standards and protocols.

AHCCCS Data Communications Requirements - Connectivity to the AHCCCS Central Site network is accomplished by use of the Internet or the Communications Server on the Agency Microsoft NT Network. The Agency Communications Server then allows access to the FTP server for Roster and TPL files, and access to the NT-SNA Server for mainframe access for LTC Case Management. For further information, contact the AHCCCS ISD Customer Support at (602) 417-4451 and ask for information regarding the use of the Communications Server.

Overview - AHCCCS will provide contractors with the opportunity to implement a VPN connection over the Internet to link with the AHCCCS computer network. The contractor must provide all equipment necessary at the organization's location, including modems, routers, controllers, frame relay access devices, CSU/DSUs (Channel Service Units/Digital Service Units), terminals or personal computers, and communications software. The contractor is responsible for ordering, arranging the installation of, and paying for all one-time and recurring costs for either dedicated or dial-up communications links including the cost of any dial-up usage charges. The contractor must also pay for any associated monthly communications port charges assessed AHCCCS by its mainframe service provider.

Security Requirements - Organizations which utilize this service will be required to meet various physical and system security as defined by AHCCCS. All users must sign a User Affirmation Statement regarding security and data confidentiality. Organizations will be held responsible for the actions of their staff. Contractors and their subcontractors and staff are expected to and will be required to comply with all Federal, State of Arizona, and AHCCCS policies and procedures regarding data confidentiality, security, and user access.

Submitting a Request - AHCCCS' Communication Server will provide electronic transmission of files to Contractors. The system consists of a FTP server, and an Internet connection to support access to plans with an Internet connection.

Contractors who wish to implement such a communication link should submit a written request to:

AHCCCS Data Analysis and Research Manager, DHCM
Attn. Lori Petre
701 E. Jefferson St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034

The request should include:

  • the appropriate authorization signature(s)
  • a description of the approach desired (either Internet or dial-up link)
  • the name and phone number of the organization's technical contact
  • a description of their facility's Internet connection (ex: T1, dial up, Cable, DSL)
  • a proposed implementation date (AHCCCS requires up to 60 days advance notice for implementation of certain services).

All installation, testing, and implementation schedules will be under the control of the AHCCCS Information Services Division. To obtain technical information on the VPN connection process, call AHCCCS ISD Customer Support at (602) 417-4451.