AHCCCS Fee-For-Service Provider Billing Manual

The Fee-For-Service Provider Billing Manual provides detailed information for those applying for AHCCCS (applicants), members, potential and existing providers. Details of the manual include the following:

  • For Applicants: Process/steps to obtain services
  • For Potential Providers: Registration process
  • For Existing Providers: General billing rules, claim forms, authorization process, information on Medicare and other insurance liability

The manual also offers information on covered services, processing of claims and errors, and remittance advice.

Download Entire Manual

The Fee-For-Service (FFS) Provider Billing Manual is intended to outline billing requirements for providers who are billing the AHCCCS FFS unit for reimbursement.

This is a Master PDF that contains all chapters of the FFS Provider Billing Manual and its corresponding exhibits.

Download Individual Chapters