American Indian Health Program (AIHP) (Health Plan ID #999998)

American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) enrolled in AHCCCS or Children's Health Insurance Program (KidsCare) may choose to receive their coverage through the AHCCCS American Indian Health Program (AIHP) or one of the AHCCCS-contracted managed health plans.

Information About the AHCCCS American Indian Health Program

AHCCCS American Indian Health Program (AIHP) provides medically necessary services for enrolled members. The program also provides coverage for preventive and behavioral health care services.

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Obtaining Services

AIHP members may receive health care services from Indian Health Facilities (the Indian Health Service, tribally-operated "638" health programs, urban Indian health clinics) and other AHCCCS-registered doctors.

Unique Program Choices

AI/AN members can switch their enrollment between AHCCCS AIHP and an AHCCCS managed health care plan and back again at any time. However, a member can change from one managed health care plan to another (for example, Mercy Care Plan to Maricopa Health Plan) only once a year.

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There are two ways for AHCCCS members to change their AHCCCS enrollment: