Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS)

What is CRS?

Children’s Rehabilitative Services (CRS) is a designation given to certain AHCCCS members who have qualifying health conditions. Members with a CRS designation can get the same AHCCCS covered services as non-CRS AHCCCS members and are able to get care in the community, or in clinics called multispecialty interdisciplinary clinics (MSIC). MSICs bring many specialty providers together in one location. Your health plan will assist a member with a CRS designation with closer care coordination and monitoring to make sure special healthcare needs are met.

Eligibility for a CRS designation is determined by the AHCCCS Division of Member Services (DMS). The link below lists medical conditions that qualify for the CRS designation:

Who is Eligible for a CRS Designation?

AHCCCS members may be eligible for a CRS designation when they are:

  • Under age 21; and
  • Have a qualifying CRS medical condition.

The medical condition must:

  • Require active treatment; and
  • Be found by AHCCCS DMS to meet criteria as specified in R9-22-1301-1305.

A CRS applicant must be eligible for AHCCCS to receive a CRS designation. If the CRS applicant is not currently an AHCCCS member they must apply for AHCCCS:

Anyone can fill out a CRS application including a family member, doctor, or health plan representative. To apply for a CRS designation mail or fax:

  • A completed CRS application; and
  • Medical documentation that supports that the applicant has a CRS qualifying condition that requires active treatment.

The mailing address and fax number can be found on the CRS application.

The AHCCCS CRS Unit can assist with completing the CRS application. You can contact the CRS Unit at: 602-417-4545 or 1-855-333-7828.

Application with Instructions:

Once approved for the CRS program, if an applicant is not

  • Enrolled with DES/DDD;
  • Determined to have a serious mental illness (SMI); or
  • A Comprehensive Medical and Dental Program (CMDP) member

Will be given a CRS designation with their current AHCCCS Complete Care (ACC) Plan. The ACC Plan will provide medically necessary care for physical and behavioral health services and care for the CRS condition.

If the member is enrolled with DES/DDD their CRS condition and behavioral health will be taken care of by United Healthcare Community Plan. All other physical health care services will be through their DES/DDD plan which will continue to provide long-term care services.

Care for members determined to have an SMI diagnosis will be provided through the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RHBA).

Children enrolled with CMDP will have all physical, behavioral health and care for the CRS condition provided by CMDP.

American Indian members with a CRS designation will have a choice of ACC Plan or the American Indian Health Plan for all services. American Indian members on- or off-reservation may choose to get services from:

  • an American Indian Health Facility including an Indian Health Service (IHS) Facility;
  • a Tribally-Operated 638 Health Program; or
  • an Urban Indian Health Program

If you have a question about a CRS member’s benefits, and have questions about the member’s benefits please contact the member’s AHCCCS Complete Care Plan provider.