532 Social Security Number



Revised 11/24/2020



To qualify for benefits, a person must either:

·        Give a valid Social Security number (SSN); or

·        Give proof that the person has applied to the Social Security Administration (SSA) for an SSN or a replacement card.


A person does not have to give a valid SSN or apply for one if any of the following apply:

·        Cannot legally get an SSN

·        Is an active member of a recognized religious group that objects to getting an SSN

·        Is not applying for benefits

NOTE      A person may voluntarily give the SSNs of family members who are not applying to help verify family income.





Social Security Number (SSN)

A unique number assigned by the United States Social Security Administration (SSA) to persons living in the United States and to persons who work in other countries for United States companies.  A person must have an SSN to be employed, pay taxes, collect Social Security benefits and to qualify for credit accounts.



Proof of a person’s SSN includes:

·        An electronic response from SSA that says the SSN is assigned to that person

·        An official Social Security card issued by the SSA

·        An official document from SSA that contains the person’s name and SSN

Proof that the person has applied for an SSN or replacement card includes:

·        Receipt for an Application For an SSN (SSA-5028) form

·        A Referral for Social Security Number (DE-129) form, completed by SSA

·        For a newborn, a Message from Social Security (SSA-2853-OP4) form


Legal Authority



Legal authorities

All programs except KidsCare

42 CFR 435.910

AAC R9-22-305(2)


42 CFR 457.340