Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA)

TMA provides continued coverage to households with children who were receiving AHCCCS in the Caretaker Relative category and become ineligible due to the increased earnings of a parent or specified relative.

To be eligible for TMA, ALL of the following must be met:

  • The member must have received AHCCCS in the Caretaker Relative category the month before the month they are no longer eligible because of the increased earnings.
  • Members who were only eligible for Federal Emergency Services (FES) cannot get TMA.
  • At least one member of the family must have received AHCCCS for three out of the six months before the month they became ineligible. This includes the month immediately preceding the month they became ineligible.
  • The Caretaker Relative ineligibility must be caused by an increase in the earned income of the parent or specified relative.

TMA may be provided for up to 12 consecutive months. The 12 months are divided into two six-month periods; T1 and T2. The family's circumstances must be reviewed before the end of the first six-month period to see if they qualify for the second six months. The family must meet all of the following to qualify for the second six-month period:

  • Completes the renewal process;
  • The family continues to include a dependent child;
  • The parent or specified relative whose earned income caused ineligibility has continued employment during the T1 period or has good cause for not working during; and
  • The family's income does not exceed 185% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
Transitional Medical Assistance (TMA) Income Limit (2nd 6-month period)
Household Size Gross Monthly Income Limit Effective 02/01/2020
1 $1,968
2 $2,658
3 $3,349
4 $4,040
5 $4,730
Each additional person $691*
*"Each Additional" is an approximate amount only.