National Recognition for Arizona’s Crisis System

Arizona is often referenced as an example among Medicaid programs for its innovative approach to behavioral health crisis services. Its comprehensive array of services are available to any resident of the state, regardless of insurance coverage.

  • Local crisis telephone lines are operated around the clock by trained crisis specialists.
  • 24/7 mobile teams are staffed by behavioral health professionals who travel to the individual experiencing a crisis and provide assessment, stabilization, and, if needed, triage the individual to a higher level of care.
  • Facility-based crisis stabilization centers offer crisis stabilization and observation, including access to Medication Assisted Treatment.


NAMD Federal Policy Brief: Crisis Response
“Arizona, for example, operates 24/7 crisis call centers to respond to people in need and dispatch mobile crisis teams.”

Media coverage

2/3/22, Trade Offs Podcast: Answering the Call, Part 1: America’s New Mental Health Crisis Line (mention of Arizona’s “living rooms with recliners and couches where people in crisis can rest and make a recovery plan.”)

2/21/2020, Arizona Republic: 'Arizona model' for behavioral health crisis care gains attention from other states

8/18/2020, CrisisTalk: Arizona Crisis System the Equivalent of Everest Base Camp… the Final Climb Still Ahead


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