APEP Training Online Registration

Providers can begin registering for the AHCCCS Provider Enrollment Portal (APEP) “instruction” lead training by selecting the appropriate enrollment type(s) specific to the services provided.

The APEP training courses are scheduled by “Enrollment Type.” There are five enrollment types that will be presented daily beginning August 17th through August 28th (Mon-Fri). If you’re not able to make one of the sessions, the same training course will be offered both weeks, with morning and afternoon sessions available. Note: Each session is capped at 250 participants. You will receive a message if you select a session that is full. Please select an alternative session.

To help determine the “Enrollment” type that coincides with the services you provide, please visit the “Provider Enrollment Screening Glossary


The instructional, step-by step tutorials which outline in detail the appropriate provider(s) associated with the enrollment type.

To begin registering for the training course(s) that best fit your enrollment.

  • Select, the “Enrollment Type” and “Time” (morning or afternoon) sessions;
  • Click, on the “Register Here!” hyperlink;
  • Complete, the “Zoom Webinar” registration process;
  • If the “Zoom Webinar” registration was successful, the attendee will receive an email “Invitation” Notice to attend the session.
  • If the “Zoom Webinar” session is full, the attendee will receive a message to select another time slot or date.

APEP Training Schedule

Important! GROUP HOME and HABILITATION providers ONLY. Please follow the registration steps notated above by selecting the following session:

Group Home & Habilitation (FAO)s: Select, August 27th session.

Habilitation (IP)s: Select, August 28th session.

Group Home and Habilitation Training Schedule (there will only be 1 morning and afternoon session each day for this group of providers)

For additional questions regarding the APEP training please email APEPTrainingQuestions@azahcccs.gov.