Arizona Executive Order & Tribal Consultation Policies

Former Governor Janet Napolitano issued Executive Order (EO) 2006-14, Consultation and Cooperation with Arizona Tribes, on September 14, 2006. The EO was developed in response to requests from leaders of Arizona's 22 Indian Tribes.

The goal of the Executive Order is to have an official government-to-government relationship between the State and Arizona tribes that has been enhanced through the Tribal Summit process.

Executive Order 2006-14, Consultation & Cooperation with Arizona Tribes | Rich Text Version

This order established the following requirements for all Executive Branch agencies:

  1. Develop and implement tribal consultation policies
  2. Designate a member of their staff to assume responsibility for the agency's implementation of the tribal consultation policy and act as the principal point of contact for tribal issues
  3. Review their tribal consultation policies each year and submit an electronic report to the Governor and the Legislature to describe all actions taken

The compilation of Arizona tribal consultation policies can be found on the Governor's website.

State of Arizona Tribal Consultation Policies | Rich Text Version