Mental Health First Aid

Some 1 million people a year suffer a heart attack; teaching CPR has become an important public health education. Meanwhile, one in four Americans experience depression, anxiety, or another mental illness. First aid may not be a bandage, or calling 911--but appropriate training.

Become one of Arizona’s Mental Health First Aiders (MHF-Aiders). This 8-hour training is available for anyone age 16 and older interested in learning about mental health. Each session can accommodate 25-33 participants. They learn a valuable five-step process to assess a situation, select and implement appropriate interventions, and help a person in crisis or who may be developing the signs and symptoms of mental illness.

This training is usually free, although there may be a minimal fee to cover the facility. Participants who complete the course are certified as a MHF-aider. There are also supplemental courses available:

  • Higher Education MHFA Course (for higher education audiences)
  • Veterans MHFA Course (for individuals who work with military members, veterans, or their families)
  • Law Enforcement MHFA (for individuals who work with police, first responders, corrections officers, or other public safety)
  • Spanish MFHA (for Spanish speaking or bi-lingual individuals)

If you are interested in becoming a MHF-Aider please contact Ali de la Trinidad at