Navigating This Manual


Topics Included:


Window Layout


The window for the AHCCCS Eligibility Policy Manual is divided into three panels: Top, Left, and Right.




Table of Contents


The Table of Contents can be accessed by clicking the “Contents” button, if it’s not already displayed.  It is organized into three levels.  The first two levels are “books” and the third level contains “pages”.  Books organize content by chapters (1st level) and subchapters/topics (2nd level), while pages contain the actual policy.  Clicking on a book will automatically load the first page of that section.




You can open pages by clicking on them from the table of contents or you can use the previous and next arrows (image6.gif) to go page by page.  The Table of Contents will always highlight the page you are currently viewing.





The search option allows you to find all policy sections that contain a word or phrase.  Type the word or phrase you are looking for in the Search field and click “Go”.




The search results will display, in the left panel, a list of manual sections containing your search term(s) or assigned keywords matching your search term(s). A ranking system attempts to display the most relevant manual sections first.




Click on the title of result you want to look at and the manual section will open in the right panel.  Your search term will be highlighted wherever it appears on the page.  (Note:  Search also considers keywords and keywords may be assigned to manual sections that do not contain the word itself.  There is nothing to highlight when this occurs.)



Tips for searching:



Emailing Links to a Manual Section


If you need to cite or refer someone to a specific manual section, you can email a link directly to the page!  Follow these steps:

  1. Open the manual to the manual section you want to link to.

  2. In the Table of Content, right-click on page link to open the sub-menu.  From the sub-menu, click on "Copy Shortcut".  This will copy the URL of the page to your clipboard.

  3. Compose a new email.  Paste the link in the body of the email by selecting the "Paste" command from Edit menu. (Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + v).

  4. Complete your email and send.

Note for clicking links to specific manual sections:  When you click on a link to a specific manual section, the top toolbar and table of contents will not immediately display.  Click the "Show" link at the top of the page to restore the top toolbar and table of contents.


Tip:  If you send a link to someone, be sure they know to click the "Show" link.  You can even send a  link to this page!