1303.03 Emergency Services for Certain Non-Citizens


A. Program(s)





B. Federal Emergency Services Eligibility

A customer who does not meet the non-citizen status requirements in MS 522.00 may be eligible for emergency services (MS 302.03) under the Federal Emergency Services program if the customer:



C. Social Security Number


The Social Security Number requirement (MS 531.00)for FES eligibility varies depending on the customer’s non-citizen status (MS 522.00):


If the customer is a…

Then the customer…

  • Qualified alien; or

  • Non-qualified alien (MS 522.01)

Must provide a Social Security Number (SSN).


If the customer does not have a Social Security Number, then the customer must provide proof from the Social Security Administration that he or she has applied for one.


Does not need to provide a Social Security Number.



D. Services


Emergency services are limited to the services as described in MS 302.03.



E. Who Determines Eligibility?


The AHCCCS SSI MAO office determines eligibility for Federal Emergency Services for customers who meet the eligibility criteria of the SSI Non-cash coverage group (MS 413.00), except for non-citizen status.


The Department of Economic Security (DES) determines eligibility for families with children (MS 406.00) and pregnant women (MS 410.00) who may qualify for FES.



F. Where do Applications for Emergency Services Come From?


The SSI MAO unit that determines FES eligibility receives applications from several sources:



G. Approval Certification Periods


Emergency services are approved for specific blocks of time called certification periods.

The following information may be used to verify that the customer has ESRD:



H. Expiration of the 5-Year Ban


A qualified alien who entered the U.S on or after August 22, 1996 may be subject to a 5-year ban on eligibility for full Medicaid services (MS 522.03).


If the customer will become eligible for full Medicaid services within the 6-month FES certification period, set an alert to convert the customer to SSI Non-cash (full services) for the month in which the 5-year ban expires.



I. Automated Termination of FES Eligibility


FES eligibility is automatically stopped at the end of the 6-month certification period.


MS 1402.02 contains information about renewing the FES certification period.