1303.00 SSI MAO Application Process Overview


A. SSI MAO Programs


This section describes the application process for the SSI MAO office for customers who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled and are applying for AHCCCS Medical Services.


The SSI MAO Office, located in Phoenix, processes applications for AHCCCS Medical Services (and Medicare Cost Sharing programs) from customers throughout Arizona.


Staff in the ALTCS offices and the AHCCCS Freedom to Work Unit who approve AHCCCS Medical Services for customers who do not qualify for ALTCS or AHCCCS Freedom to Work. should also follow these instructions.


The SSI MAO office determines eligibility for AHCCCS Medical Services under the following Medicaid programs described in MS 413.00:



B. Other Programs


The SSI MAO office also processes applications for:



C. SSI MAO Application Forms


Accept any of the following forms to initiate an application:


Application forms must be made available to anyone who requests one.



D. Enrollment Choice


Customers who apply for SSI MAO are encouraged to select a health plan and indicate their choice on the application form. If the customer did not enter a health plan choice on the application form, try to obtain a choice prior to approval by following the instructions in MS 1101.01.



E. Processing SSI MAO Applications


An overview of the SSI MAO application process flow is described in How to Process an SSI MAO Application.


In addition, there are specific procedures for processing certain SSI MAO applications. Read the referenced sections carefully to identify variations in:

Special Conditions


SSI-MAO Specialty Groups

MS 1303.01

SSI Non-Cash

MS 1303.02

Emergency services for certain non-citizens

MS 1303.03

Applicants who require a DDSA referral

MS 1303.04

Employed customers who are ineligible for SSI MAO due to excess income

MS 1303.05

Applications referred from the Arizona Department of Corrections (DOC)

MS 1303.06

Applications referred from the Arizona Department of Health Services for customers who are seriously mentally ill

MS 1303.07

Applicants referred from county jails

MS 1303.08

Deceased Applicants

How to Process an SSI MAO and MCS Application for a Deceased Applicant