607.47 Indian Land Lease Payments/Royalties


A. Definition


Lease or royalty payments received on reservation lands owned or allotted by the tribe to the individual. On some reservations, individuals own or are allotted part of the reservation land that they may lease to others, depending on the agreement with the tribe or stipulations on the land. In addition, in some areas a family may own land that is not part of the reservation and can lease this land. These leases or royalty payments include but are not limited to:


ACE income type = Tribal Land Payment


IF the land is held…

THEN the ACE income type is…

In trust by an Arizona Tribe

Tribal Land Payment (Held in Trust by Tribe)

By the individual

Tribal Land Payment



B. Category


Unearned Income



C. Treatment


The treatment of payments depends on how the land is held.


IF the land is held…

THEN the treatment is…

In trust by an Arizona tribe

Exclude the first $2,000.00 per calendar year for all programs.

In trust by a tribe from another state

Contact the Office of Eligibility Policy

By the individual

Counted for all programs




D. Proof


Types of proof include, but are not limited to: