Myth Busters and Other Facts You Need to Know

Impact to Arizona

Myth Busters: Facts and Fiction about the Governor’s Medicaid Plan

Director Betlach's Testimony in House Appropriations Committee 3/20/13

Temporary Solutions to Mitigate AHCCCS Reductions

Governor Brewer's Plan Supports Public Safety Presentation 2/26/13

AHCCCS Overview Presentation 1/16/13

Restoring AZ Response to LD15 GOP Resolution 3/13/13

Rebuttal to Goldwater Memo from 3/7/13

Medicaid Coverage Funding Impacts

Founded in 1895, St. Joseph’s is the oldest hospital in Phoenix and supports Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid plan. Learn more about why. St. Joseph’s Presentation

Impact to Childless Adults

Childless Adult Flow Chart 1/1/14 

Updated Profile (Medical Utilization) of Childless Adults 4/16/13

Profile of Prop 204 Population

The Faces of Patients Fact Sheet

Impact to Hospitals and Providers

Hospital & Clinic Fiscal Impact

Health Care Experts/CEOs provide the Facts about the Medicaid Coverage Plan

Provider Assessment 101

Hospital Assessment page

Impact to Employers

Employer Penalty Flow Chart

Report: Without Medicaid Restoration, Employers Face Higher Tax Penalities

Employer Penalty Flow Chart

Report: Without Medicaid Restoration, Employers Face Higher Tax Penalities

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Medicaid Restoration and Mental Healthcare

DRAFT Report for Maricopa County on Impact of Medicaid Coverage

Other ACA Related Info

Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Plan website

Proposed Medicaid Coverage Legislation

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The Business Case for AHCCCS Expansion: AZ Chamber Foundation Report and FAQs 2/2012

HHS OIG Findings re Arizona as best practice for ‘date of death’ records

New England Journal of Medicine Article: Mortality and Access to Care among Adults after State Medicaid Expansions 7/25/12

Sunset Audit Results 2012

United Cerebral Palsy ranks Arizona #1 program of all states serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities; 2012

Childless Adult Monthly Activity Report to CMS