Filing Process for Applicants

Applicants have the right to make a complaint, file a grievance, or appeal a decision.

Type How to File Examples Definition
Grievance or Complaint Contact the office manager where the occurrence took place.
  • General Complaints
  • Environmental conditions (dirt or clutter, unsanitary practices, overcrowded waiting areas)
  • Impoliteness or rudeness of providers (doctors, doctor's office staff, hospital personnel, etc.)
  • Impoliteness or rudeness of office staff (eligibility offices, AHCCCS Offices, Department of Economic Security Offices, or Department of Health Services Offices)
A grievance is a complaint an individual wants to make; including applicants and/or their caregiver (ex. parent, loved one, or client).

Applicants and/or caregivers can file a grievance when they have a complaint about anything that does not involve appealing a decision such as denied services or benefits.

Appeal If benefits or services were denied, and you want to appeal your eligibility denial, you must appeal in writing to the agency that made the determination or decision. (DES or AHCCCS)
  • Denied services
  • Denied benefits
An appeal is a request for someone or an organization to reconsider or change a decision, often called an "action".