YH09-0001 Acute Care Bidders Library

This information may be downloaded in two ways:

  1. Download Entire YH09-0001 Library [Zip, 1.63MB]
  2. Download Individual Files from Listing Below


Data Supplement for Offerors

List of Data Supplement Reports and Files Available on CD Section C -Utilization and Cost Text File

  • Section C - Member Month Text File
  • Section C - Utilization Summary Report
  • Section C - Member Month Summary Report
  • Section H - H-1-Acute Enrollment by County by Health Plan
  • Section H - H-2-Acute Enrollment Mix by GSA
  • Section H - H-3-Enrollment by Quarter
  • Section H - H-4-Member Growth Projections
  • Section H - H-5-Acute Enrollment Activity
  • Section H - H-6-Enrollment by Zip Code
  • Section J - Financial Information
  • Section L - Birth/Member Month Analysis
  • Section P - Audited Financial Information
  • Section Q - Hospice Report
  • Section R - Maternity Care and Delivery Reports
  • Section T - SOBRA Family Planning Service Reports



Reporting Guides/Manuals



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