AHCCCS Technical Interface Guidelines (TIG)


Health Plan Interface - Third Party Leads Submission Process



Health Plans are required to submit to AHCCCS new updates of third party leads data they have collected for their members. Notification by the Health Plan must occur electronically either through the website provided by the TPL contractor or by using the Third Party Leads submission file.



  • The Third Party Leads Submission File Processing is performed once a week for each Health Plan under contract with AHCCCS. The file must be named yymmdd.tpl and is placed in the Health Plan's folder under AZ/hpmnemonic/PROD/IN on the AHCCCS Communications Server.
  • Third Party Leads Submission Data Files are downloaded from the AHCCCS FTP Server.



The Third Party Leads Submission File is placed by the Health Plan on the AHCCCS communications server.



Third Party Leads Submission file transmissions must be tested in coordination with AHCCCS ISD operations staff prior to production implementation of a new Health Plan or change in service bureau, or as a result of other changes. Typical testing of transmissions takes approximately one week and must be completed prior to implementation of any new processing arrangement.


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