AHCCCS Technical Interface Guidelines (TIG)


Health Plan Interface - Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) File


Arizona Early Intervention File files identify Targeted Support Coordination (TSC) from DES/DDD Recipients under 3 years of age and actively enrolled in Health Plans.

Files track Arizona Early Intervention Program members enrolled in Health Plans in the PMMIS System. A file will be downloaded for each Health Plan.



  • EIP file runs on the first day of each month. File is named ccyymm.EIP and is available in the plan’s folder under AZ/hpmnemonic/PROD/OUT



AzEIP File notifications are produced in data file format. Health Plans, or their services bureaus, must connect to the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) FTP server and download the data file for batch processing.



It is highly recommended that AzEIP File transmissions be tested in coordination with the AHCCCSA ISD operations staff prior to production implementation of a new Health Plan or change in service bureau, or as a result of changes. Typical testing of file transmission takes approximately one week.


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