About AHCCCS Online Provider Website

~~ I M P O R T A N T ~~

AHCCCS Online login has changed:

AHCCCS upgraded security for AHCCCS Online yesterday morning. AHCCCS changed the password complexity and the email rules.

If you had the AHCCCS Online site bookmarked, please delete your old bookmark and add the following link to your favorites: https://azweb.statemedicaid.us. Please share this new website link with others in your organization immediately.

We have noticed data conversion issues with some provider accounts and are working to resolve them. If you are having trouble logging into AHCCCS Online, please call 602-417-4451 for technical assistance.


AHCCCS Online is an AHCCCS website designed for registered providers. It offers the convenience and efficiency of several online services, including:

Note: AHCCCS Fee-For-Service Technical Assistance Documents help registered AHCCCS providers use the AHCCCS Online website.