Pregnant Women

As of October 1, 2013, AHCCCS is no longer processing Baby Arizona applications. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires states to utilize a single streamlined application approved by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. In Arizona, this is completed through the Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus) online application. HEAplus offers a quick and user-friendly process when applying for health insurance and can be accessed directly at

For application assistance, please visit

AHCCCS offers health insurance for pregnant women who meet income and eligibility requirements. For those who qualify, there are no monthly premiums.

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Who Can Receive Services

The applicant may qualify for this program if the applicant:

  • Is an Arizona resident
  • Is pregnant
  • Is a United States citizen or a qualified immigrant (If the person is not a U.S. citizen or qualified immigrant, they may still be eligible for emergency services.)
  • Has a Social Security number or applies for one
    • To apply for a Social Security number visit the U.S. Social Security Administration
    • Make a copy of the form submitted as confirmation of applying for a Social Security Number
  • Cooperates with the Division of Child Support Services if needed
  • Applies for potential income that may be available, such as unemployment, pensions, and Social Security
  • Has income under the income limits described below

Income Limits

This chart shows how much money the applicant can receive each month before taxes (gross monthly income) and other deductions are subtracted.

Number of People in the Household* Gross Monthly Income Limit
1 $1531
2 $2071
3 $2612
4 $3153
5 $3694
Each additional person $541

*Include the number of expected babies in the household.


Providers are encouraged to become Community Partners. Today there are over 75 Contracted Community Partner Organizations in more than 300 locations throughout the State who help Arizonans apply online for AHCCCS Health Insurance, Nutrition Assistance (formerly Food Stamps) and TANF Cash Assistance. Improved access to electronic data sources provides real-time eligibility determinations.

For more information about HEAplus, including how become a contracted community partner organization, please visit HEAplus .