Value Definitions

Passion drives us, inspires us and energizes our work. Having a passion for what you do means you want to do it. Passion fuels quality and makes us great at what we do.

We consult with, respond to, and embrace our culturally diverse communities. Community means we are all part of the same big family. We believe that each of us has a responsibility to help meet the needs of our community. Do whatever it takes, within reason, to help others.

Quality begins as a personal commitment to continual and rigorous improvement; self examination and change based on property data and quality improvement practices. We are proud of what we do and it is reflected in our work. At AHCCCS, we know that each and every one of us has the capacity to change lives!

Teamwork is a cooperative and coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together towards a common cause. Our work requires effective communication and collaboration will fellow employees, providers, and other agencies and/or members. Our team members work to address issues, solve problems, and get work done.

Leadership involves building trust, allowing the freedom to take reasonable risk, walking the talk, having the ability to inspire, and an orientation toward action. To demonstrate leadership, we set standards by which other programs can be judged. We develop and nurture our own future leaders. Each day we create a legacy of leadership. What do you want yours to be?

Accountability means taking responsibility, celebrating success, learning from our errors and never passing the blame. Because we have a culture of accountability, we do not blame others or “live” in reasons as to “why not”. We move goals forward by turning challenges into opportunities. We ask tough questions and don’t pretend to know the answer. We aim to be accurate in our work and measure and report our performance with integrity. We tell the truth and keep our promises.

We realize that new ideas challenge traditional thought and the status quo. We shift our paradigm to make room for innovation. We accept that risk taking is risky, but necessary sometimes to realize true change. Change can be uncomfortable, but making something better, stronger, or work more efficiently is exciting. At AHCCCS, we get excited about innovation!

Each person with whom we interact deserves our respect. We value ideas for change, and we learn from others. We understand that for all our differences, we are all human and have more in common than not. We listen; we honor experience; we empathize. We are proud to serve our public!