Virtual Office (VO) and Teleworking

Virtual Office (VO)

InnovationAHCCCS is the only State Agency to have a significant portion (30%) of its workforce working virtually. This means that these employees work from home on a full time basis. These employees do not have work space at an AHCCCS office location; but may occasionally visit the AHCCCS offices for various work-related events. Thanks to our robust telecommute software, VO employees are well supported in completing their regular work assignments. While not all positions are VO eligible, many of them are; or may be eligible for teleworking.


Teleworking allows eligible employees to work from home one or more days a week or month depending on the nature of the position and the needs of the business unit. Many of our employees telework as needed and/or requested. Teleworking offers our employees enhanced benefits related to striking and maintaining a balance between work and home life.

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