Community Outreach

College Partnership

Community AHCCCS continuously seeks to develop educational partnerships with local colleges and universities to support the educational pursuits and professional development needs of our employees. Currently, AHCCCS has a unique partnership with Grand Canyon University (GCU) which offers AHCCCS employees a generous 10% discount on tuition expenses. This partnership also provides a discount of 5% on tuition expenses for dependents of AHCCCS employees. In addition to this, GCU regularly hosts leadership development seminars and events with leaders of various profit and not-for-profit organizations in which AHCCCS employees can attend at no cost.

Giving Back to Arizona: Food and Water Drives

AHCCCS’ Recognition Team (ART) coordinates two to three opportunities each year for the staff to give back to those we serve. For the past five years one of the main events has been the annual water drive for the homeless. The team has also hosted other various drives over the years for items such as food, personal hygiene, toys and pet supplies at various times. Each event brings a renewed sense of community and passion for those we serve.

State Employees Charitable Campaign (SECC)

SECC is a fundraising program established by the governor to help lesson the needs of the community. The campaign is comprised of over 700 health and human service organizations, and agencies that engage in environmental or historical preservation. The campaign provides state employees an opportunity to make voluntary, tax-deductible contributions. Each year, AHCCCS enthusiastically participates in this program, which provides an opportunity for employees to donate to various charities of their choice through payroll deductions. Donations are optional.